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The Myths and Perils in the Pursuit of Advanced Search Options

One question that I’ve heard a lot over the years working in the search space is: “How can I provide advanced search options for users, such as exposing boolean operators?” My answer: don’t waste your time with it (and especially … Continue reading

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The 4 Essential Concepts You Need to Know To Use Any Search Engine Efficiently

When you go to your insert-search-application-name-here enter a query and hit the search button, what exactly are you searching on? One of the hardest things to do in IT (or in any field, really) is to sometimes take a step … Continue reading

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How to get authenticated/secure results through the QRServer in FAST Search for SharePoint

I received an email from an ex-student today that forced me to remember how to send an authenticated query to the QRServer in FAST Search for SharePoint. The reason for doing this is that when you issue a query through … Continue reading

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Goodbye Microsoft, Hello New Year and New Ventures

“All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.” ~ Anatole France This has pretty much been … Continue reading

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2011 in review – Annual Report by WordPress

It’s very interesting to look at the 2011 annual report for my blog that was put together by WordPress. Not surprisingly, the most read posts were the learning roadmaps. It seems like with so much information spread all over the … Continue reading

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How “Remove Duplicate Results” works in FAST Search for SharePoint

This is a question that I have received quite a few times, and this time I thought I would get some screenshots and detail the process a little bit in here so that other folks can take advantage of this … Continue reading

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How to force an item to be removed from the index immediately with FAST Search for SharePoint

Very important reminder: the tip below will explain how to remove an item from the index, yet this does not prevent it from being picked up during the next crawl (full/incremental). In order to prevent the item from being crawled … Continue reading

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Understanding Crawled Properties, Managed Properties and Full-text Index – Part 1

A while ago I received an email from a previous student asking my thoughts about an issue in his environment. He was crawling some content that had a metadata he wanted to use as the title for the items indexed, … Continue reading

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Working with FAST Search for SharePoint and Multivalued Properties

Imagine the following scenario. You have some content in a database (or file share, or SharePoint site), and this content has some metadata that is comprised of multiple values for one specific field, such as a list of authors in … Continue reading

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SharePoint Search and FAST Search for SharePoint Architecture Diagrams – Fault Tolerance and Performance

Update: For those interested in watching a presentation of this content below you can download (right-click and select “Save target as..”) and watch this video here (200+ MB) that was recorded during a webcast on 2011-07-27. My presentation starts at … Continue reading

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